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What makes Cheshire the perfect wedding location?

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Your wedding day should be the most magical day of your life. A celebration of love between you and your partner, surrounded by the people who mean the most to you. Saying “I do” here at our award-winning venue for events in Cheshire is a magical experience, where you’ll be able to enjoy the breath-taking countryside views, with our charming 18th-century Georgian country house making the perfect backdrop for your big day. We believe gorgeous Cheshire is the perfect wedding location, and in this article, we tell you why.

Its diverse landscape

Benefitting from some of the most beautiful landscapes in the UK, Cheshire is a hidden gem for outdoor weddings. Throughout the year the gorgeous foliage morphs and changes and can provide people with a large range of beautiful backdrops – from amber autumn leaves to colourful spring flower displays.

At Mottram Hall, we have 270 acres of estate, offering a truly unique outdoor wedding location. Within this land, we are lucky enough to have a private lake (complete with swans), gorgeous cobbled walkways and a stunning Rose Garden.

Its great links to the city

Being in the countryside is desirable for many weddings, but it can be hard to organise transport and travel for all of your guests from the city to get there. Cheshire’s advantageous location means although you’ll be able to enjoy some of the best UK countryside on offer, you’ll also have close links to cities like Liverpool, Manchester and Chester.

Its friendly people

Northern blood breeds friendly people, and you’ll get none more welcoming than those in Cheshire. From the moment you arrive in Cheshire, you’ll be welcomed with open arms and a warm smile and you’ll soon fall in love with the area. If you are already from Cheshire, you know the kind of people that this county produces, and you’ll be pleased to know the staff at Mottram Hall embrace Northern hospitality wholeheartedly – nothing is too much trouble for us.

Its rich history

One of the things that make Cheshire so appealing is its opulent history. All around the county, there are amazing sites that are hundreds of years old. Our charming 18th-century Georgian country house is a prime example of this, and it’s the perfect location for a non-church wedding that still feels traditional. Having the connection to the local history lends a special feeling to your wedding day that only a venue with a rich history can.

What do the experts say?

Don’t just take our word for it - we spoke to some of the best in the Cheshire wedding business to find out why they think our county is the perfect place to hold your big day.

Jess Yarwood- Wedding Photographer

Jess Yarwood is a Cheshire-based wedding photographer who loves to work in a laid-back and casual style when shooting, as it enables her to capture the moment as it is, authentic and real. Jess told us what inspired her to pursue wedding photography: “I have been in the wedding industry for over 10 years, previously I worked as a wedding coordinator, so I am really good at planning, sticking to timings and also have an easy-going and relaxed way to my work and how I approach each and every wedding. When I left that job, I knew I wanted to keep within weddings but needed to fuel my creative passion for photography. I signed up to Chester University and completed a degree in Photography and now I am one of Cheshire’s leading wedding photographers.”


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Jess told us why she believes Cheshire is an amazing place to get married: “Cheshire is a beautiful northern county with the most amazing venues; we really are spoilt for choice! Can’t always guarantee the weather here but that won’t put a dampener on your special day!”

Adam Riley- Wedding Photographer

Adam Riley is an ex-Forensic Scientist turned award-winning wedding photographer. In 2018, Adam was named one of the top 25 wedding photographers in the world by the Wedding Photojournalist Association. He told us how he got into the industry: “I fell into the wedding industry by accident. Back in 2010, I was just starting out in my photography career when my friend asked me to shoot his wedding. Slightly nervous I agreed, and things quickly snowballed from here. One year later I was a full-time wedding photographer.”


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Adam then told us what is so special about his home county: “I have shot weddings in all corners of the UK, but absolutely love shooting Cheshire weddings. Lucky enough to live in Cheshire, I shoot many weddings in the area. I love how rural Cheshire can be, at the same time, so close to the city life of Manchester, Liverpool and Chester. It’s a beautiful place!”

Phil Drinkwater- Wedding Photographer

A Cheshire-born photographer, Phil Drinkwater has found his place in the wedding photography community. Thanks to his light-hearted personality and love of laughter, he is able to make anyone feel completely at ease behind the lens. He told us what got him into the industry: “I think I'm an old romantic at heart. I love to see the biggest most incredible smiles on couple’s faces as they realise they finally did it... they're married! My style is fairly natural so I'm able to spend much of my day capturing the joy that everyone shares from this amazing occasion. Spending your day with a hundred happy people? That's got to be a job worth doing.”


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Phil told us why he thinks Cheshire is a lovely location to hold a wedding: “I was born in Cheshire and I know it well. For me, there's a perfect mix of elements that make a spectacular day; incredible venues, beautiful scenery, a generally relaxed atmosphere throughout the county and some of the finest suppliers in the country. There's a particularly diverse amount of location styles to choose from too; from forests, hills, castles, pubs and much more besides.”

Jenna Keller Events- Wedding planner

Jenna Keller started Jenna Keller Events after many years flourishing in the event industry. Jenna told us what drew her into weddings: “My love for romance, attention to detail and knowing that my organisational skills could make such a difference in creating the perfect day for my clients and their friends & family. Memories are so important; being able to help someone make their special day unforgettable is always an honour.”


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We asked Jenna why she believes Cheshire is a great location for weddings: “Cheshire is such a special place; it represents a level of glamour and luxury like nowhere else but stays grounded thanks to its Northern charm. To have such prestigious amenities on our doorstep is incredible; from the stunning architecture, old and new, down to the rolling Cheshire Plains… it’s a photographer’s dream! Your wedding day, be it grand and glamorous or intimate and discreet, should be everything you have ever dreamed of. I believe Cheshire will always be able to help you achieve your perfect day.”

If you are interested in having your wedding at Mottram Hall, we are happy to work with you to make your big day as special as it deserves to be.

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