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How to choose the right meeting venue

Meeting venues in Cheshire Meeting venues in Cheshire

Finding the right meeting venue for your corporate event can be time-consuming and daunting. Meeting expectations, finding a space of the right size that offers the facilities you had envisaged is tricky. We have spoken to industry experts who have given us some top tips to help you choose the perfect meeting venue for your next event. 


Choosing the right location is a crucial part of a successful and proactive corporate meeting or event. We spoke to Samantha Paull from So Eventful Productions who has given some guidance on why it is important to choose the right location:

“Each corporate group is looking for something different and it is critical in successful planning and venue selection that you explore what goals and outcomes the group is hoping to achieve. This helps determine important features and inclusions, such as: panoramic views to support their creative process; a meeting space that includes collaborative technology to inspire innovation; inclusion of transformative experiences like a venue that has or allows for services like chair massage as an appreciation or acknowledgement of hard work or a space that takes them from the standard meeting environment and has them meeting amid the redwoods, in the sea breeze, etc.”

Steven Pellier a wedding and events planner thinks the location is the most crucial part of planning an event: “As the saying goes Location, Location, Location – a great location with fantastic transport connections by air, rail and car with car parking availability and somewhere to land a helicopter if required. This isn’t just important for your colleagues but also to attract the very best guest speakers.”

There are many factors to think about when planning your event or meeting, and location has to be one of the most important. Picking a venue that holds good transport links, is an accessible location and offers views that will stimulate productivity and creativity are crucial.

Group at desk in meeting room Group at desk in meeting room

Facilities and Services

Once you’ve chosen the right location, you need to ensure that the space offers the right facilities and services to suit your needs.

“Wherever you choose, don’t forget to make sure your space has all the tech capabilities you’ll need. High-speed Wi-Fi and top-notch AV equipment is a must (there’s nothing worse than a technical hitch). And don’t forget high quality catering to keep your attendees refreshed.

Another important factor to consider is transport links - is the venue easy to access via public transport or are there enough parking spaces for example. We recommend making a list of your requirements before you start your search and communicate these throughout your search, this will mean you stay focused (and within budget) and ultimately find the perfect space for your meeting.” Says Amy Stroud from Hire Space.

If your meeting is going to depend on great internet, make sure this is available to you. Making sure the room or space has a lot of natural light, plenty of seating and lots of plug sockets may sound like small and silly things to think about, but will enable the  process to run smoothly and without hiccups.

“We are in the year 2019 and you could be forgiven for believing that the venues you are considering, will obviously have the very best and most up to date technology, but the truth is you are quite possibly, very wrong indeed. It is really important to ensure that your venue has up to date, stable and reliable technology including WIFI that is capable of offering a strong signal with multiple users.” Says Steven.

Rebecca Brennan Brown from Mango-Pie offers some insights into choosing the right space: “Choosing the right space can quite literally make or break your event. It’s the difference between guests feeling cramped and uncomfortable, to airy and able to focus. You should also never underestimate the pull of the right venue. Just recently, we ran an event in which we saw the dropout rate reduce from 45% to less than 5%, which we are attributing to the venue. It was in the perfect location for guests to get to, had a great reputation in London, and worked perfectly within the clients budget. It can be done!”

Man speaking with ipad and screen Man speaking with ipad and screen


No matter the size of your budget, there are plenty of ways in which you can make sure all the boxes are ticked on your plan. One of the best ways to ensure all of the finer details are taken care of is to find a venue that offers the services of a conference team. Finding a team who can take care of all the planning and preparation for you, allows you time to finalise plans, and sort out the running of the meeting itself.

Lauren from Lauren Caselli agrees: “For corporate meetings, you're going to have a lot of specific requests which require great communication from your venue. If your venue is a "blank space" and doesn't offer much in the way of support, you'll need to consider what sort of impact that will have on your team and your planning timeline. Often, our team will choose a venue that may be less ideal space-wise in order to have qualified staff that can help us provide the best level of service for our clients. Venues aren't just space; they're teams as well and having a great team is better than having a mediocre one.”

If you’re on a tighter budget, thinking outside the box about locations is a great idea. If the meeting is smaller, try and locate a space that hires itself to small groups at a discounted rate, or try a coffee shop or quieter café, sometimes these locations are great and supply an extra buzz.

Amy recommends getting creative with your space: “Whether it’s an internal or external meeting, the environment you choose can have a real impact on the energy, creativity and ultimately the interest of the attendees, so putting some thought into your venue choice is worthwhile. Offsite meetings are also a great opportunity to showcase your brand personality and values, so get creative in your search, you’ll probably find some hidden gems that are just what you’re looking for.”

Women writing in notepad Women writing in notepad

Added Luxuries

When choosing your location, you want to think about the sort of clientele that will be attending. What will they be expecting and what can you deliver? It might be worth considering a location with some added luxuries like a spa, golf course or one that may have an on-site restaurant for those extra added touches that might seal a deal or sign off a contract.

“If you choose a venue with a spa or outside pursuits, such as golf or a football pitch, you have another enticing option, where your delegates will be able to mix work with play, allowing them to relax and unwind when they have a window of opportunity during the day, or at the end of the day before dinner.” Says Steven.

If you’re looking at meeting venues cheshire then look no further than Mottram Hall. Set in the stunning Cheshire countryside, our meeting and conference rooms are adaptable to your every need. With a dedicated team of onsite conference organisers who can help you with everything from the planning to the delivery, we can assure your meeting is the best possible.

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