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The best gifts for tea lovers

cup of tea on table cup of tea on table

We Brit’s love our tea. There is nothing better than a relaxing cuppa, whether that is after a hard day’s work or when out with friends and family on the weekend. There is truly never a wrong time for a good cup of tea. There is a good chance that you know a tea lover, or are one yourself, and if this is the case, you might be looking for some great gift ideas to surprise them with. The good news is that there are so many wonderful options to choose from and in this guide, we are going to highlight some of the best ideas out there.

Afternoon tea

There are myriad ways to surprise a tea lover with a great gift but one of the very best is certainly treating them to a memorable afternoon tea in Cheshire. Here at Mottram Hall, we have everything you need for a wonderful afternoon of enjoying the finest tea in comfortable and relaxing surroundings. Our traditional afternoon tea in beautiful Mottram Hall – with its ornate ceilings and 12th-century wood panelling – won’t fail to impress loved ones. Whether for a special occasion or just a random treat, the freshly cut sandwiches and warm scones, as well as a delicious range of speciality leaf teas, will prove to be a gift that will be truly appreciated. View a sample menu here to get a taste of what’s to come.

Tea subscription

cup of tea next to book cup of tea next to book

Sometimes popping out for a nice cup of tea isn’t always an option but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the best teas in the comfort of our own home. Of course, you can pick up things from the local shop but for sheer variety, there is no beating the gift of a tea subscription. The tea lover in your life will love receiving new tea options each month straight to their home, allowing them to sample teas they have never thought of trying – discovering new favourites in the process! Bird & Blend Tea Co. offer something just like this with their Tea Club Subscription Box. This monthly tea tasting club sends three new blends (30 cups) right through your letterbox each month. Perfect for birthdays or just to show someone special you care.

Tea flask

There are occasions when a cup of tea on the go is an absolute must, whether you are commuting to work or enjoying a day out. And if you would rather bring your own favourite blend along with you, a tea flask is an essential piece of kit. Not only do flasks and tumblers keep your tea warmer for longer but they often come with infusers and handy cups fixed to the bottom. Mary, from the tea blog, Life is Better with Tea, knows the virtues of a good tumbler: “A well-insulated tumbler makes it perfect for hot or iced tea on the go. I absolutely love mine. It checks off all of my ‘must haves’ for a superb tea tumbler.” T2 – a tea and teaware shop – have a number of excellent options, including this stainless steel option with thermal insulation and hidden infuser.

Tea kettle with temperature control

tea kettle tea kettle

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You can’t make tea without a kettle and while any tea lover will obviously have one, there are kettles out there that go the extra mile when it comes to making the best tea. So, consider for that special tea drinker in your life, getting them a fancy kettle with temperature control and a whole host of other exciting features. Seaside Sundays, a blog all about the fabulous life, recommends one particular kettle as a gift for a tea lover: “The Electric Kettle with Variable Temperature Control – with 6 different temperature settings depending on the type of tea you want to make, this is Cadillac of kettles.” You can pick up the kettle in question here, with ultra-fast boiling and auto shut off.

Tea Infuser

Another great option for those in search of great gifts for tea lovers would be a tea infuser – which dried tea leaves are placed in for steeping or brewing, either in a mug or teapot of hot water. There are numerous infuser options out there but this one from Whittard – the tea, coffee, and tableware experts – would be an ideal and cost-effective option for those on a budget. If you know your friend or loved one has made the switch to loose leaf tea, an infuser such as this will be perfect for brewing at home. This one even comes with an adorable little teapot attached, making this gift standout from the infuser pack.

Tea timer

tea timer tea timer

Tea enthusiasts will understand the art of making different types of tea and how brewing times can play a factor in getting it just right. As such, picking up a tea timer as a gift would be a terrific and thoughtful idea. Twinings, unsurprisingly have a top-tier option, designed for black, green, and white teas, with a different colour contained within each hourglass. Twinings say: “As you browse through the huge variety of Twinings teas, you'll notice that we often mention different brew times. It's so easy to spoil a tea by over or underbrewing. This tea timer will help you brew your teas and infusions for the right amount of time! No more overbrewing and overstewing.”

What gifts to buy for tea lovers

- Afternoon tea

- Tea subscription

- Tea flask

- Tea kettle with temperature control

- Tea Infuser

- Tea timer

We hope the above has given you some nice gift ideas. As you can see, there are lots of items, tools, and options out there for tea lovers. So, have a think about what your friend or family member might like and treat them to a special tea-themed gift to show them you care.

You can’t go wrong with Mottram Hall’s afternoon tea, of course, even better when enjoying a relaxing spa weekend in Cheshire.

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