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Organisation apps perfect for business professionals

Business person using mobile phone Business person using mobile phone

There are a lot of things to juggle as a business professional and often it can be hard to find the best tools to help you do so. Whether you are looking to better utilise your office desk space, organise a conference at one of the best Cheshire conference venues, or find a quick and easy way to talk to your team (wherever they are in the world) there are apps that can help you.

It’s never been easier to run a whole business from the palm of your hand. The functionalities of smartphones are now so advanced that whether you want to host online meetings or take product photographs you’ll be able to do so with ease.

In this article, we explore some of the best organisation apps for business professionals to help you use your mobile phone to its maximum efficiency.

Talking to the experts

Group meeting over iPad Group meeting over iPad

We spoke to Helen Lindop, she works as a customer relations management and email marketing consultant for businesses of all sizes. She told us more about what her role entails: “I help small businesses use tech to streamline their sales and marketing. Many small businesses are missing sales because they aren't following up effectively - there are lots of tools that can do this now, but small business owners don't have the time to work out what to use and set it all up - which is where I can help. This includes email marketing, customer databases and follow-up systems, plus systems to promote and deliver digital products. As you can imagine that includes a lot of software!”

Helen went on to recommend some apps: “Besides the software that directly handles the things I just mentioned; I use a range of apps to keep me productive. I use Asana to keep on top of my projects, Slack to communicate with groups, Zoom and Skype to talk to clients or host online meetings, Google Calendar to make sure I'm in the right place at the right time and Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox to manage my files and share them with others.”

Business woman on mobile phone Business woman on mobile phone

Nicola is a blogger at Nicola Says as well as being a freelance content writer alongside being a lifestyle blogger. She told us more about her progression into digital content: “After my first few jobs I realised that marketing was something that I loved doing, so I started to build a career in digital content, social media and digital marketing. Around a year ago I handed in my notice and pursued my ‘side hustle’ full time, where I now work with businesses to plan and write content for their blogs and websites.”

“Alongside my business, I run a lifestyle blog which is centred around topics like simple living and creating the kind of life you want to live. It’s inspired by and documents my own journey down that path, to try and make life more enjoyable, organised and calm.”

We asked Nicola what apps she couldn’t live without as a freelancer: “Like a lot of freelancers and bloggers, my phone is a huge help in running my business. There’s so much that you can do on the go with the help of apps - from sending emails to creating videos.

“I’m a big fan of Google’s apps and use Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Docs all the time. Being able to respond to emails quickly or work on collaborative documents on the move is essential.

“Another app that I’m a huge fan of is Slack. I’m part of a few communities that use Slack as a place to chat and it’s so handy to have the app on my phone to keep up with conversations and opportunities.

“When it comes to creating content, Adobe Lightroom CC is one of my favourites. Lightroom CC makes editing photos super easy and you can even create presets to help speed up your editing - very useful if you’re snapping and editing hundreds of photos!”

Organisation apps for business professionals

Adobe apps on iPad Adobe apps on iPad


Slack is a popular team messaging service that allows workers to collaborate, wherever they are. Available as an app, desktop application or on the web, it’s a great way to stay in touch with your team and for them to stay in touch with one another.

One of its most useful features is that it allows a range of channels to be created. Meaning, whether you want to talk to your marketing team, an individual employee or the company as a whole, you are able to create a channel to do that. And, if you need to have a face to face conversation then you can also organise a video call over Slack and show your work or share your screen.

It also integrates well with over 1,500 other tools and services many business owners already use, meaning there is a great deal you can do seamlessly between it and other apps. This means there is simple file sharing throughout the platform and easy collaboration on projects. Slack even allows you to connect your own, unique APIs.

Gospace AI

Gospace AI is an app that helps companies better manage their space and workplace. It’s able to ensure collaborators are sat together by dynamically allocating space to teams.

We spoke to Neil, a blogger at Work Essence. Neil recommended Gospace AI: “In a fast-changing organisation where teams and their collaboration needs are constantly evolving, manual methods of ensuring the right people can work together in the right amount of space no longer cut it. This leads to frustration and lost opportunities. Gospace AI takes data on space usage, team forecasts and collaboration needs and dynamically allocates team space with minimal disruption, doing in seconds what would ordinarily take weeks. It creates the first genuine tech-enabled workplace.”

Google Suite

Google Suite is the name for a range of APIs run by Google that are all useful for business owners. Available both on desktop, browser or as an app, allowing your team to work seamlessly together to create a united operational system.

The applications within Google Suite are:

- Gmail
- Google Drive
- Google Docs, Sheets and Slides
- Google Calendar
- Google Hangouts

Whilst all of these apps have different uses, there are a few things they are really great at allowing businesses to do. They are naturally collaborative, so whether you want a spreadsheet that multiple offices are able to update or are working on a presentation remotely that you want someone else to look over, you are able to have multiple people editing and working in files at once.

Adobe Creative Suite

If your business can involve a lot of creative work then Adobe Creative Suite, a range of Adobe apps, can be a great help. With multiple plans, you are able to find a package that suits you and with multiple programmes, you’ll be able to achieve a great range of things with one subscription. Whether you want to edit photographs, craft highly professional video, create advertisements, edit audio or build responsive webpages Adobe Creative Suite can help you. And, as all programmes run under the same suite, they are all able to collaborate with one another seamlessly.

What’s more, as many are available for mobile you are able to achieve a lot on the go.

These are just a few of the great apps that can help you lift your business off the ground and go from home-run enterprises to market leaders. If you are planning a conference or seminar and are looking for conference venues, get in touch with our team today to find out what Mottram Hall can do for you.

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