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Tips for when wedding guests come from out of town

Bride and friend at wedding Bride and friend at wedding

Your wedding is a monumental occasion and celebrating with those who are closest to you can make the day even more special. Throughout the planning process, you may have settled on your perfect venue. Not only did you experience being whisked away by its beauty during the search process for a wedding venue in Cheshire, but you can imagine putting your own personal stamp on it, making memories to last a lifetime. However, if you have friends and family spread out across the country (or even further afield!) ensuring that they can be there with you on your big day may require some meticulous planning.

From their transport to their accommodation, there are some logistical challenges that you may face when putting together your guest list. With this in mind, don’t let it deter you from inviting those from out of town as with some careful consideration, your special day will be smooth sailing from the get-go. We’ve composed a list of some important things to think about in order to have the day of your dreams!


Bride and her mum at a wedding Bride and her mum at a wedding

Throughout the years, it is likely that you will have accumulated friends from near and far. Plus, as the years have passed, siblings, cousins and extended family members are likely to have spread their wings to pursue different ventures, meaning that your wedding guest list features people from various locations.

Whilst your dearest might not always be your nearest, that shouldn’t mean that they are excluded from the festivities. Inviting guests who will need to arrange accommodation is increasingly common with wedding parties, so one of the biggest ways in which you can help them is by helping arrange accommodation. When it comes to securing your venue, look at if they have their own accommodation to offer. If not, consider booking out blocks of rooms in nearby hotels to ensure that they’ll have a place to stay.


People kissing at a wedding People kissing at a wedding

Often one of the biggest benefits of finding a wedding venue close to home is the convenience. Living in close proximity to the venue means that you’ll know the area and can plan accordingly, making a note of any shortcuts and shops nearby where you can pick-up last-minute groceries. With this in mind, if people are unfamiliar with the location, finding their way around may be met with some trepidation, especially if the roads are hard to navigate and your big day is taking place in a hard-to-reach corner of the countryside.

Vikki, a wedding planner from the blog Your Wedding Friend, shared this top tip when people are visiting from out of town: “Couples, when giving out details of your venue to guests who are not from the area, don’t just give them a postcode reference, send them an actual link. Send them further details that will help them plan effectively – directions to the area of the venue, parking instructions if there are restrictions, clear indications of transport links and distances. Google maps is not infallible so make sure if Google says to follow the road to the right, but guests actually need to turn left, then tell your guests this in advance!”

Quality time

People dancing at a wedding People dancing at a wedding

“It’s so hard to get quality time with all of your guests on your busy wedding day and if you have guests coming from far away you’ll want to make the most of them, so why not make a weekend of it?” shared Vikki. “Meet up for breakfast or lunch the next day. See what else is on offer at the venue or nearby.”

Despite being well acquainted with your guest list by this point, when it comes to your big day, you may find dividing your time equally amongst your guests difficult. For those with expansive guest lists, it can become easy to feel overwhelmed when arriving at your reception.

Another way in which you can ensure your guest feel well cared for is by making small but thoughtful gestures that will be appreciated throughout the day. If the weather is unpredictable and you’re unsure what conditions your special day will have, Vikki recommends this: “Your venue has gorgeous grounds and you want to make the most of them for your photos, but if you have a cold/snowy/wet day, recruit one of your more reliable guests to help you with coats, brollies, and tissues. You don’t want to catch a cold on your wedding day. It’s a great job for someone who you would’ve had on your bride tribe or groom squad, but that didn’t quite make the cut.”

If you’re planning a Cheshire wedding and are considering Mottram Hall as a venue, make sure to take a look at our weddings page for more inspiration.

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