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What to pack for a relaxing weekend away

Relaxing Weekend Away Relaxing Weekend Away

Busy schedules and hectic calendars can mean that sometimes, we all need a break. However, commitments during the week, as well as last-minute obstacles, make trying to find the time difficult. It can be easy to discount the UK as a fantastic destination for some well-deserved R&R, but as the weather begins to warm up, a staycation at a fabulous location could be just what you need.

There are myriad destinations on our doorstep, waiting to be explored. Whether you’re thinking of arranging a romantic break for you and your partner or heading to a luxury spa hotel in Cheshire with a friend to unwind from your daily stresses, the possibilities are endless. But before you depart, it’s important that you’ve packed all the essentials to ensure that your break starts off on the right foot.

A makeup bag A makeup bag

Your luggage

Whether you’re travelling for a weekend, week or even something slightly longer, it can always be tempting to over pack so, select your luggage carefully to avoid this. For a two-night stay, a large backpack or small duffle bag can be a good option. These are versatile, and the soft material means that you can fit items of different shapes and sizes into them. When shopping for a bag such as these, it is important that you have comfortable straps, perhaps with padding, to prevent them from causing you pain or discomfort when heavy. Injury can be caused when overfull, so having padded straps can lower the likelihood of this happening.

Depending on how you’re planning to travel, a small suitcase might be more favourable though. Having wheels on the bottom of your case will prevent you from worrying about its weight and they can be stored on the luggage racks of trains easily. Four-wheeled suitcases are easier to use if you’ll be travelling through busier areas, as their movement is less restricted, but check that the wheels are durable before travelling.

A duffel bag by a chair A duffel bag by a chair


The size of your bag will hinder your ability to overpack, so you will need to think about the bare minimum that you can take with you. This should include items that you will definitely use on your trip, such as a change of underwear and a toothbrush.

When it comes to clothing, you’ll want to pack as little as possible. If you’re travelling long distances, you may want to keep the outfit you wear on the way for the journey back, so opt for comfortable, loose clothes. However, whilst you’re away, recycle items wherever possible.  A pair of jeans can be worn over several days, with different tops to refresh your look and if you’re planning a meal out, switch out a t-shirt for something a bit smarter. Travelling with a capsule wardrobe ensures that you use everything you’ve bought with you and having extra room in your bags lowers the chance of arriving with a bag of creased clothes!

Other things that you’ll need to think about include electronics. Phone chargers and headphones are easy to leave at home, so make this a priority to check that you’ve bought it with you. If you travel with a camera, either check the battery the night before or bring spares to prevent disappointment upon arrival. Similarly, to electronics, your wallet or purse, as well as any booking confirmation for your hotel or booked activities should be placed in an easily accessible place. This way, you can check that you have them without having to unpack and can quickly access them when needed.

A women's suitcase A women's suitcase

Optional Extras

Your luggage will vary depending on the activities that you have planned whilst you’re away. When at a spa, having swimwear with you means that you will be able to make use of the swimming facilities, including the sauna and pool. Fancy a bit of golf whilst you’re away? Remember to pack appropriate clothing for the course.

“I always take my hard drive”, shares Robert from the blog Pub Chef to Traveller. “It has on it all my photos, TV programmes and movies. When I'm feeling a little homesick I can look at photos or if I want to remember my previous travels. The surprising part would be that travelling can actually be boring sometimes. When you are trying to save money or there are not many people about, watching a movie is a good way to spend time. Another thing I do is take my camera. This isn't very surprising but the strap on my case is. I have metal pin badges from every country I have been to.”

A bag and laptop A bag and laptop

What to pack for a relaxing weekend away

- Booking confirmation

- One pair of shoes (day)

- One pair of shoes (night)

- Towel

- Wallet or purse

- Headphones

- Phone charger

- Phone

- Pajamas

- Two tops

- Several pairs of socks

- Swimwear

- A pair of jeans

- Several pairs of underwear

- A day bag

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