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Spa etiquette - what not to do when you're getting pampered

Women getting a massage Women getting a massage

A spa day is a perfect opportunity to enjoy a relaxed and tranquil pamper away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The aim is to leave feeling as peaceful as possible and to ensure just that, there are some golden rules you should follow to help you feel as comfortable as possible. Keep on reading to find out what you should avoid doing on your next spa break.

Using your phone

Danielle from While I’m Young explains a little more about why she thinks talking on your phone is poor spa etiquette: “As a travel blogger with a focus on luxury experiences, I visit a lot of spas through work and have gotten use to the social etiquette expected of spa users. Sadly, not everyone seems to know the unspoken rules! In my opinion, the ultimate in poor spa etiquette is talking on your phone. People go to spas to relax, not to listen to other people’s one-sided conversations! Leave your phone in your ­locker – I promise it won’t kill you.”

There is nothing worse than a buzzing phone distracting you whilst you are trying to relax into a calm and restful state. Be courteous to not just yourself but the people who are enjoying the spa around you and keep your phone hidden away in your locker for the duration of your experience.

Elle from Elle Goes Global agrees that it is important to keep your phone out of the reach of temptation when you are at the spa: “As tempting as it is to check-in at the spa and share your images with your loved ones on social media, to make the most of your spa visit, leave your phone in your locker throughout your visit. Spas offer a sanctuary and the chance to escape the world and everyday life, if you leave your phone alone you can detox, switch off and recharge your mind and body away from the bright screen of your phone. If you struggle to leave your phone behind all day a compromise is to turn the screen brightness down and pop it on silent so as to not disturb other spa guests.”

Women on mobile in spa Women on mobile in spa

Wearing inappropriate swimwear

There is nothing worse than annoying swimwear getting in the way of you trying to relax, so making sure you have appropriate attire for your spa experience is vital. Most people choose to wear a swimsuit as opposed to a bikini to avoid any embarrassing mishaps, a tip that Elle also recommends.

“When choosing which swimming costume to wear for your spa visit, opt for comfort over style it’s important you wear something that you can relax in all day without worrying about any fashion mishaps! Take a pair of flipflops along with you for a safe and practical way to explore the facilities.”

Many spas will supply you with a robe, slippers and spare towels, so all you will need to bring is your swimsuit: “Pack swimwear to wear in the spa. You’ll usually be provided with a robe, slippers and a towel so you don’t need to bring those.” Says Danielle.

Being late

If you have planned your spa day in advance and booked your treatments for specific times, it is important to make sure you are not late! If you are late, not only will you disrupt the bookings for the therapists but the rest of the customers in the spa and you could potentially cause disruption for the guests looking to enjoy a relaxing massage or treatment.

It can be best to book your treatments at the end of the day, allowing you some time to unwind in the rest of the facilities first and not have to worry about rushing to your appointments. You will receive a tour on arrival so you can feel comfortable navigating around the building should you need to head to a different room for a treatment or if you wish to use the sauna or steam rooms.

Going on an empty stomach

Before heading to the spa for your day of relaxation, make sure you eat something. Many people don’t want to eat before they go to the spa to avoid unwanted bloating in their swimwear, but a rumbling tummy is going to be a lot more embarrassing.

Sian Victoria, a blogger based in Birmingham who loves visiting the spa recommends having a snack beforehand to avoid disruption of your relaxing spa session: “The first time I visited a spa, I went on an empty stomach as I didn’t want to look or feel bloated in the pool. But that meant my belly was rumbling when it was time to have my treatment, so it was embarrassing as you could hear my hunger over the ambient music. So, have something light to eat at least an hour before treatment, this will help you to relax a lot more and not be focusing on needing food or getting hungry!”

Breakfast bowl Breakfast bowl

Letting yourself get dehydrated

Although there are refreshments available in most spas, it is a good idea to make sure you are hydrated before and throughout the day. The atmosphere in a spa can become warm and dry and you will become dehydrated quicker than you think. Take a water bottle with you and top up throughout the day in between treatments and pool sessions to make sure you can concentrate on relaxing and unwinding.

Sian also recommends staying well hydrated throughout the day: “When I first started getting deep tissue massages, I would always get a headache after the treatment so I would advise drinking plenty of water once its finished, to prevent getting a headache. It will also help move along any toxins that have been released from a deep tissue massage.”

Suffering in silence

One of the main things to remember when you come and visit us for a session in the spa is to not suffer in silence. If you are not happy with a service, a treatment you are receiving or you ever feel uncomfortable at all, it is important to speak out.

“Don’t let being uncomfortable in your swimwear prevent you from getting a back or body treatment. The therapist will leave the room for you to get changed and feel comfortable on the table where you’ll get under a warm blanket. They will only see the parts of the body they are working on and when it’s time to turn over they will hold up a large towel in front of them, so they won’t see a thing!” Says Sian.

Danielle also agrees that it is best to voice your concerns: “If you’re indulging in a treatment, don’t be afraid to be vocal about what you want. Let your spa therapist know about any aches or pains, problem areas or how you want to feel after your massage.”

Don’t be afraid to remove any swimwear when you have a treatment, the therapists are used to it and removing your costume will enable you to enjoy the benefits of your treatments more.

Taking makeup off Taking makeup off

Wearing a full face of makeup

If you really want to get the most out of your spa day, make sure you come with a clean face and avoid wearing makeup if possible. It really doesn’t matter what you look like when you are at the spa and your skin will really thank you for a day without products. Reap the full benefits of steam rooms, saunas and any treatments with fresh and clean skin that can take in all the beneficial oils and nutrients.

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